“One Stroke for Nail Art” Practical Manual The new edition (English)


The purpose of this book is to provide a practical manual that will guide you to discover the secrets of the “one stroke” technique in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to this method you’ll be able to draw any kind of composition as landscapes, flowers, animals, faces and abstract designs.Following the instructions of this manual you will be able to practice starting with the basics and then get to more complex designs. You can draw directly on each page of the book and thanks to a special type of paper you can cancel and retry several times (to remove the paint just use a wet towel).The book has 32 pages.

Youtube link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcV5nxPGzbY

Come si usa

Come si usa

Il consiglio di Oxana

Il consiglio di Oxana


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