The secrets of fine lining. (English)

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Hello everyone,
Following the publication of the two technical books “One Stroke”, I am now pleased to present to you my new manual “The secrets of fine lining”.
As you know, we nail technicians, always work on small surfaces. The nail has in fact an area of only a few squared centimeters. If we were to identify ourselves with an artistic style we would define ourselves as miniaturists! Considering that we have to create designs in miniature, it becomes essential to know how to draw fine lines.
We must therefore be able to easily draw squiggles, various lace effects, stylized roses etc.
Fine lining represents an essential element that we find in many Nail Art techniques. For this reason it is very important to learn how to draw them well. The purpose of this manual is to help you in this learning process through the various exercises introduced in these pages.
As we shall see you can achieve fine lines using SuperPaint gels, acrylics and watercolours. We can also use a gel foil, attaching it above the foil, or we can create a design with Super Paint gels by applying these above the micro powders to obtain a very beautiful sugar effect!
We can also use a gel foil and then apply the foil on top, or we can create a design with SuperPaint gels, and then apply the micropowders on top to obtain a beautiful sugar effect!
As you can see there are many combinations!
We shall now illustrate how to use this manual. As with the preceding books, it is possible to complete the exercises both above and next to my examples, then to delete your attempts with a damp cloth.
The designs are presented following a criterion of increasing complexity, going from the simple to the complex.
Believe me, nobody is born an artist! As with any other discipline, practice and daily exercises are essential for the desired results to be achieved.
Don’t worry if at the start your attempts do not meet your expected standard! This is normal! But remember those most persistent and methodical succeed in the end! I am convinced that this manual serves as the best starting point and a valuable teaching aid, that together with your perseverance, dedication and passion will allow you to reach a high level of preparedness.
Now we discover in detail the “secrets of fine lining”.
It’s your turn! All the best! Oxan Borenkova

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